Some people are naturally gifted in the art of influence and persuasion. Why do some have it and others don't? And what is it, exactly, that makes someone and their point of view so irresistible? 
In fact, anyone can master the power of influence and Rob Yeung shows you how. Delving into fascinating psychology, he reveals unexpected insights including: 
* Why giving people more choice might make them less happy 
* Why telling people they 'should' do something makes them less likely to do it 
* Why offering something for free makes it less desirable 
* When 1 is more persuasive than 50 
Revealing the secrets behind effortlessly winning trust and support, "I is for Influence" will open doors to endless potential in your life, whether it's getting that promotion, winning that business contract or finding your perfect match. 
By the bestselling author of "Confidence" and "The Extra One Per Cent"

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