The Smart Girl's Guide to Meeting and Keeping the Perfect Partner

Sue Ostler's warm and wonderfully honest approach will definitely help you survive in the love jungle.'
Jessica Adams, author of Single White E-mail and team editor, Girls' Night In
You're a modern woman who's got to kiss a hell of a lot of frogs to find your prince. Then when he does show up, what do you with him? And, how do you make sure he doesn't turn back into a frog?
Sue Ostler's latest power-packed survival guide does the leg work and lets you roadtest the results. Whether you're sexy and single, struggling to retain your sense of self as one half of a smug couple, or just wanting to fall in love and stay fabulous, Relationships that Rock! covers every aspect of that tricky transition from Kiss and Run' to Kiss and Keep'.
Relationships that Rock! will save you years of trauma by showing you the shortcuts to avoid relationship hell and go straight to relationship heaven. It's the thinking woman's guide to dating smarter, playing harder and holding your own in the relationship stakes. Packed full of witty wisdom, terrific tips and advice to get you through with your fabulousness in tact, you should read this book if you're:
-Ready to enter the romance lottery
-Tired of dead-end relationships
-Fed-up with your sex radar malfunctioning
-Keen to avoid yet another case of testosterone poisoning
-Poised to boost your self-esteem so you can attract The Right Guy
-Gearing up to learn how to spot that commitment-phobe, Mr Dysfunctional or the control freak at 30 paces---and know how to make a quick exit
-Primed to put on your All-Sorts' goggles so you don't miss out on the love of your life because he's wearing a brown velour cardie and mismatched socks.
If you've been cheerfully enjoying your singledom and have decided it's time to knuckle down and find (and keep) Mr Wonderful, Relationships that Rock! is the book for you!

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