ew. First edition. Here are more than 60 of the best articles that have appeared for more than a decade in Success Unlimited magazine. They cover such topics as the power of faith, ideas, love, courage and mind which will help you to discover your hidden potentials and achieve success. Some of most outstanding individuals reveal the way to happiness, health and success through their own experiences and reflections on life or the stories of people they have known and admired. World-renowned clergymen like Preston Bradley, Norman Vincent Peale and Harold Blake Walker describe how you can develop your natural talents, stop worrying and achieve seemingly impossible goals. Mahatma Gandhi tells why he is convinced that "organized mind-power is greater than military power.? There are many other fascinating articles, including one by W. Clement Stone on his extraordinary career-from Chicago newsboy at the age of six to the head of a vast commercial and publishing empire. Of particular interest is the section entitled "Sales Unlimited" with its practical down-to-earth advice for salesman and would-be sales managers. 

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